Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Toni Collette Welcomes a Son

toni colletteToni Collette and her husband David Galafassi welcomed a son in Australia on Good Friday. Their representative stated, "Toni Collette, her husband David Galafassi and their daughter Sage Galafassi are excited and proud to announce the arrival of their baby boy, Arlo Robert Galafassi. He was born on good Friday making it the greatest Friday indeed!" As a result, Collette was not present at the Tribeca Film Festival's premiere of her new movie, Jesus Henry Christ, which is the story of a smart kid who was conceived in a petri-dish and sets out to find his biological father. Let's all hope Arlo's experience with the world is significantly more positive!

Nicolas Cage Dropped His Son While Drunk 9Share

Nicolas CageAfter being arrested in New Orleans this past weekend, more details have emerged surrounding Nicolas Cage and his apparent quest to destroy his career (if Season of the Witch didn't already destroy it, amiright!? Nyuck nyuck nycuk!). Anyway, RadarOnline says that during his drunken stupor, the actor dropped his 5-year-old son. (Yes. Dropped). The report reads that, after Cage and his wife had been to dinner, "At some point, Mr. Cage fell while holding their son. The fall caused the five (5) year old child to suffer a minor abrasion to the left knew, and she [Cage's wife Alice] then recovered the child." The report goes on to read that based on the information provided, a child abuse detective was notified, but after investigating, determined that "no further investigation was merited."

So what's next for Cage? Well, maybe he'll follow in the steps of Charlie Sheen and invite a few porn starts to live with him, start talking about F-18s and warlocks, and then follow all of that up with an unsuccessful comedy tour. And hey, you know what? That's not such a bad idea. That way, we media can simply re-post everything we wrote about a month ago and just replace every Charlie Sheen with Nicolas Cage and head out for a vacation. #winning

Kristin Cavallari is Engaged

Kristin CavallariSeriously, you can’t get any more stereotypical than this. You’ve got the vapid bitch reality “star” Kristin Cavallari, who was definitely the popular bitch in high school. You’ve got the star quarterback Jay Cutler (also a douchebag) who was also most definitely the popular quarterback in high school. And guess what? They’re now engaged. I mean, I’m glad two people who are probably in love have agreed to spend the rest of their life together in a union of love. But really this is just so much douche colliding that I don’t think there’s enough Ed Hardy in the world to take care of it.

Celebs Around Town: April18th -24th, 2011

Celebs Around Town: April18th -24th, 2011

Monday, 25 April 2011

Megan Fox Reluctantly Gives Us An Upskirt

Megan Fox upskirt gave us a little treat in Milan this past weekend. Megan Fox attended the Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2011 fashion show, but before she sat in the front row to watch clothes, she has flashed her undies as a photographer 'upskirted' her getting out of a car. She getting out of her car and you can see she made eye contact with the paparazzo. And by the looks of it you can tell she knew what the guy was up to and you can see she was trying to prevent it by putting her hands in her lap but unfortunately for her she forgot the backside. It never ceases to amaze me what some women will do to try to save some semblance of dignity. Chicks like Megan Fox dress like complete skanks then struggle like crazy when getting out of a car not to flash their panties to the world. Anyway, if you were all excited to get a look at Megan Fox's naughty lady bits, you are probably going to be a little disappointed but this is what we have for now. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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