Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Nicolas Cage Dropped His Son While Drunk 9Share


Nicolas CageAfter being arrested in New Orleans this past weekend, more details have emerged surrounding Nicolas Cage and his apparent quest to destroy his career (if Season of the Witch didn't already destroy it, amiright!? Nyuck nyuck nycuk!). Anyway, RadarOnline says that during his drunken stupor, the actor dropped his 5-year-old son. (Yes. Dropped). The report reads that, after Cage and his wife had been to dinner, "At some point, Mr. Cage fell while holding their son. The fall caused the five (5) year old child to suffer a minor abrasion to the left knew, and she [Cage's wife Alice] then recovered the child." The report goes on to read that based on the information provided, a child abuse detective was notified, but after investigating, determined that "no further investigation was merited."

So what's next for Cage? Well, maybe he'll follow in the steps of Charlie Sheen and invite a few porn starts to live with him, start talking about F-18s and warlocks, and then follow all of that up with an unsuccessful comedy tour. And hey, you know what? That's not such a bad idea. That way, we media can simply re-post everything we wrote about a month ago and just replace every Charlie Sheen with Nicolas Cage and head out for a vacation. #winning


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